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The Colony

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching the two seasons of “The Colony”, a show and experiment to see how survivors of an apocalyptic event would form together and find ways to survive and form a community or colony.

It was a fascinating show and left me with lots of personal insights, questions, and thoughts about myself and the next generations. The participants of the show had to use the skills they had and skills they didn’t know they had along with knowledge, both from their life experiences as well as hidden nuggets of information that they remembered reading about, etc. They had to make do with what they had, create “stuff from nothing”, and they had to find/create the necessities of life: shelter, water, food, and protection.

Watching the show has left me thinking about my own life and the “what if’s” and what I can do, but it also left me contemplating my role for the next generations. I personally may not see an apocalyptic event to the extreme of that in this show but what about the next generation or the next – my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren – those young ones that we may already know and those who, hopefully, we will get to meet and pass on some wisdom? What will they meet in their lifetimes and what knowledge do I have and what skills can I pass along so that they have “nuggets of info” to draw upon?

Taking that further, as an educator, what should I be ensuring the children have? Well, a quick look gives us:

* the ability to do creative thinking, problem-solving and inventing
* the ability to live off the land – planting, harvesting, preserving food
* the ability to select and eat plants in the wild (aka weeds)
* the desire to plant edibles so that there is food available
* the knowledge of how energy works, how to create energy in many different ways so that there is always a backup
* basic survival skills like making a fire and clean drinking water
* and the list goes on

We don’t have to make this serious stuff, scaring them about the possibilities. Most of this can be taught during a camping trip or in our own gardens. And of course the science experiments to understand electricity, solar energy etc. are already part of their education.

So much to do …. so much to learn … so much to pass on!

Has anyone seen the program “The Colony”?
Who makes a conscious effort to teach the children in their care how to live off the land and make do with the resources available? I’d love to hear your stories!


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